Tru Tint Acid Stains Direct
"The best stains on the planet"
Project Checklist
This is what you need

 1. Cleaning gear

You will need a mop, brush, bucket. You might also need a wet dry vac to suck up water and waste.

For tough stains/ dirty concrete a pressure washer works well- just be careful not to create etch patterns with the pressure washer in the concrete. Soap and/or degreaser for removing oil base materials. Plenty of rags or paper towels.

2. Safety equipment

Chemical goggles, gloves, boots, and respirator- most building supply or hardware stores will have these.

You might also need a fan for ventilation purposes.

3. Application equipment

A plastic garden sprayer with a good dispersing tip.

Quart sprayer for small areas or highlights

Acid brush

4. Materials to protect surrounding environment

Plastic sheeting

Painters tape and /or duct tape

5. Staining Supplies

Your selected Trutint Acid Stains

6. Acid Stain Neutralizing agent

Household ammonia diluted 10:1 with water

7. Protectant

A properly selected sealer or wax for your application and asthetic desires



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