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Acid stained concrete surfaces are beautifully unique and very durable. Because of this, they are a wise addition to any concrete surface in the home, business, or outdoor area. Because it will retain that look for years to come, the value is both aesthetic and economical.

Tru Tint Acid Stains are the perfect stains used to create stunning effects on these concrete substrates. An acid stained floor or patio can be breathtaking when installed properly. Many business and home owners have chosen Tru Tint for creating various acid stained projects that provide a unique, classy look coupled with high durability. The cost of a Tru Tint acid stained floor is also very attractive when compared to alternative flooring options such as hardwood, tile and even carpet. Join the thousands who have turned their boring gray concrete into works of art on their property.

Please dig into this site for detailed "How to Acid Stain" information and our superior Tru Tint products using the menus above. Whether you are a distributor, contractor, or DIYer, we are confident you will be satisfied with the quality, customer service, technical expertise, price, and quick shipping that we provide. Tru Tint Acid Stains are the standard that other stains are compared to.

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