Tru Tint Acid Stains Direct
"The best stains on the planet"
What can be acid stained?
Suitable substrates

 Trutint acid stains are very versatile products and can be used to permanently change the color of any cementitious substrate.

There are some instances where an acid stain is not the best choice. Some reasons an acid stain may not work are old weathered concrete, mix design of concrete not compatible (rare), or you don't want to etch the surface (maintain a polished look), or your concrete has been previously acid washed. Alternatives to acid stain are available for more info you can go to

Some examples are:

Concrete floors, walls, steps

Concrete Countertops

Stamped Concrete

Concrete Statuary

Concrete Planters

Parking Blocks

Concrete Blocks

Concrete Pavers



Concrete Overlays

Concrete Microtoppings

Some Natural Stones

***Always test your substrate for best results.


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